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With SMS Hospitality, there's no such thing as "no big deal." No detail goes unnoticed.

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Guest reviews determine your future business. Reviews are written when passion is high — whether good or bad. We want your guests fired up about their stay for all the right reasons.

The subtle details in cleanliness or a friendly hello add up to create the perfect experience — the kind guests are just too excited not to tell someone about.

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We use analytics captured by our cloud-based automated tracking program, OPS360, to deliver accountability and transparency.

You have full access to our evaluations, which encourages us to serve your property with the utmost quality in cleanliness. You know what we know.

OPS360 allows us to stay ahead of the curve and identify weak spots and make improvements immediately.

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7-Step Occupied Room Cleaning Process

During a guest stay, our housekeepers use our 7-step occupied room cleaning process to efficiently bring a room back to grand-opening clean. The process is taught to every employee to ensure reliability and consistency.

7 Step Occupied Room Cleaning Process Chart
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