Hotel & Resort Housekeeping Services

The only thing we don't offer is off-the-shelf solutions.

Services We Offer

Our housekeeping services clean your property from top to bottom, from parking garages to meeting rooms.

Every moment your guests spend on site contributes to their experience. We keep our standards high to make sure that experience is one worth sharing.

Learn how we ensure quality
  • Buffing/polishing
  • Floor surface stripping
  • Vacuuming
  • Spot cleaning
  • Waxing/sealing
  • Dusting/wiping
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Perimeter cleaning
  • Sweeping/mopping
  • Pressure washing
  • Carpet extraction

Working Green

We proudly use Green Seal certified products.

SMS Hospitality uses BOOST® Technology to reduce water and chemical consumption.

Using BOOST® Technology, cleaning solution is introduced in front of the rectangular scrubbing pad with a patented Pulse Modulated Solution Control. The orbital action contains the cleaning solution in the pad and carries it for the full length of the pad. Compared to traditional disc scrubbers that sling water away from the pad, BOOST's efficient use of the cleaning solution results in water and chemical savings of 50% to 70%. Using less water during cleaning keeps the operator working productively rather than in the janitor's closet emptying and refilling the scrubber tanks.

Advantages of Boost Technology

  • The only auto-scrubber technology that is truly capable of chemical-free stripping
  • Up to 70% less water and chemical usage
  • 25% increase in battery runtime
  • 40% increase in pad life
  • Half the trips for dumps and fills
  • Reduced noise levels to improve operator safety