Quality Programs

Quality you can count on.

Customized Quality Control

We could talk about quality all day. However, we realize our claims don't mean anything unless they're backed by measurable criteria. That's why SMS Hospitality clearly defines quality and translates that definition into direct benefits for you and your guests.

Hotel Entry Sweeping
OPS360 Technology


Our cloud-based automated daily tracking program, OPS360, uses analytics to deliver accountability and transparency. Your management can:

  • Access our centralized quality assurance database.
  • Login anywhere to see up-to-date information.
  • Identify weak spots before they become problems.
  • Track improvements and corrections over time.
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12-Step Checkout Cleaning Process

Our 12-step checkout cleaning process allows us to deliver a consistent quality clean across your entire property. Each step includes several required cleaning actions and the best techniques to accomplish them.

We train all employees on our cleaning processes to maintain consistency in each area.

7-Step Occupied Room Cleaning Process

We prioritize our 7-step occupied room cleaning process to maintain a high quality standard throughout a guest's stay.

7 Step Occupied Room Cleaning Diagram
Hotel Room Curtain

Cleaning Methods

Our cleaning methods are designed to complement your hotel experience. This is why we choose to eliminate unwanted dirt, not just move it around. It's why we consider all the details, right down to adjusting curtain heights and making sure the logos on your pens face up.