Training is essential to providing you a consistent clean property-wide.

New Hire Training

Supervisors evaluate new employees with extensive skills checklists. New hires receive grades based on their performance for over 60 standard cleaning procedures.

Training Procedures

We have developed best practices and continually refine them. Employees receive specific instructions on how to properly perform procedures to ensure consistency and accountability.

Housekeeper Mopping and Making Hotel Bed

Weekly S.M.A.R.T. Training

To ensure high-quality cleaning, SMS Hospitality employees participate in weekly training refreshers. Managers focus each week’s training on the unique needs of your property.

Management Training

We provide our managers with ongoing training to supplement each manager’s continual professional development. This training includes communication skills, listening skills, time management and leadership training. The training topics selected for each manager are customized to the individual’s needs and goals.

New Hire Training

SMS Hospitality managers are well informed of their responsibilities as an employee and our responsibilities to them as their employer.

Peformance Training

Our managers’ recognition of their responsibilities and performance is vital to your hotel. SMS Hospitality not only recognizes this but trains our employees to as well.

Recurring Training

To ensure proficiency in important safety and technical topics, each manager receives refresher training on a subject each month.

Safety Matters Program

SMS Hospitality is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy working environment and following operating practices to safeguard all employees and comply with OSHA standards.

Safety Orientation

New employees participate in a safety orientation that includes basic safety rules, policies and procedures, emergency action plans and an employee safety program booklet.

Stop. Think. Act.

Stop. Think. Act. Poster

The Stop. Think. Act. safety program is designed to create a culture of safety for everyone involved in the organization. It promotes a smarter way of working by reminding employees to pause to consider hazards of the task, and then plan to act in a way to avoid risks.

Safety Incentives

Safety Incentives Poster

Safety incentives are regularly announced to reward employees and managers for prioritizing safety. To be eligible for drawings for prizes (including cars, cash and more), the employee and their property must achieve zero workers’ comp claims.