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Frontline Recruiting and Hiring

SMS Hospitality has established partnerships with the public workforce system in every state in which we operate, and we have a strong and long-standing relationship with One Stop Career Centers.

One Stop Career Centers is part of the Department of Labor that offers training referrals, career counseling, job listings and similar employment-related services. This allows us to fill job openings without incurring costs, while benefiting our local communities.

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Recruiting Process
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SMS Onboarding Recruitment System

SMS Onboarding automates information flow during the recruiting process. Applicants can apply for multiple open positions online. Once they have filled out the application fields, signed electronically and clicked “submit,” their information is sent to the hiring manager at the location of the open position.

  • Apply in English or Spanish
  • Search for job openings by location
  • Consent for background check online

SMS Onboarding is part of our green initiatives. During the hiring process, one applicant might typically use 20 sheets of paper. SMS Onboarding virtually eliminates the usage of paper, saving an estimated 300,000 sheets of paper per year from entering the environment.

Management Recruitment and Hiring

The Housekeeping Director is the most important management position in our organization. In our management screening, SMS Hospitality utilizes two types of pre-employment tests designed by Wonderlic to help determine the best candidate for its management positions.

Personal Characteristics Inventory (PCI)

The Personal Characteristics Inventory (PCI) measures the personality traits deemed desirable by most employers. The PCI predicts successful job performance using five primary dimensions of personality, or personality traits, known as the “Big Five.” When used for pre-employment screening, it helps forecast workplace behavior and identifies how an individual’s personality is likely to impact their performance. The core personality traits measured by the PCI are critical factors to long-term employee and organizational success.

Wonderlic Personnel Test-Revised (WPT-R)

The WPT-R is a 12-minute timed employment test that measures cognitive ability or general intelligence, the strongest single predictor of employment success. Cognitive ability testing, or aptitude testing, has been scientifically shown to provide more reliable, valid and objective candidate information than resumes, educational achievement, references or interviews in predicting success on the job. As a cognitive ability or aptitude test, the WPT-R provides powerful, objective information to help make the right hiring decision.